07 Sri Lankan Interview Preparation Checklist Elements

Being prepared for the interview is a crucial thing. This article will explain 07 Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements.

The preparation for an interview is as important as taking part in the interview. Because, you cannot afford a simple mistake at the interview, you have to allocate a couple of hours to prepare for the interview. Just like you are going to be prepared for a trip in the previous day along with a checklist, you should be prepared for an interview in the same way. This 07 Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements will help you to do that.


The dresscode preparation is one of the vital Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements. If you are a boy, you should wear a white shirt, black pants, and the tie. When coming to the ladies’ dress code, you should wear an appropriate dress code such as saree or an office suite. According to the eligibility, a blazer will have to be worn by the applicants.  If the interview belongs to the government sector, ladies will have to wear a white saree as a sure thing. Renting, washing, ironing, and preparing will have to be conducted as a sure thing.

Maintaining eth documentation

Eth checking of the educational certificates comes as a vital thing to have conducted at an interview. Therefore, you have to keep them ready as a small missing link will almost ruin your career. Since the Sri Lankan government has the right to maintain the educational system, the certificates and the educational qualification have to be checked through the physical systems. Therefore, taking you file is an essential thing. When it comes to the frequently made mistakes by the Sri Lankan applicants, the taking the copies of the original copies is prominent. Other than that the certification of the educational qualifications and the residency by the Gramasewaka is essential for specific interviews. Therefore, you must consider the documentation part as one of the Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements.

Time Management

Eth time management for the interview is an ultimate one. Although you are employed already or without a job, you will have to allocate time. When you have a job, you should get the leaves for the interview from your current employer. When you are a free person, you should arrange a schedule to get there and return home. Since most of the interviews take place Colombo, you will have to keep a plan for the travelling. Therefore, you must find the bus or relevant transportation details a bit early.

Keep Some Cash On Your Hand

Although you have the thought that you are okay with the financial requirements, it will be better if you look at your wallet. If  you are specially a boy, you will have to take this seriously as most of the boys consider the checklist as a minor concern. Another thing you should remember regarding the financial or money is your sudden financial needs. For example, if you are in a Government interviewing process, you will have to wait until the minister arrives, or proceeds with the specific tasks. It means, you will have to stay until the end of the day. Money for food purchases, taxi hiring, and document photocopying like things will require more money.

Prepare For Questions

Being prepared for the questions is one of the Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements you have to remember. Although you are qualified and up to to requirements that have been asked by the vacancy, your personality display is a necessity. Along with your knowledge, you will be able to show what you are capable of using the pre-meditated question practicing. After practicing for the tenth time, answering the same question for the 11th time will not be a harder thing. Even if it does, you will have to be prepared for the 11th time at home until you feel you are perfect with answering.

Thank You

Although these are couple of words you have to remember in the Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements, those words have a strength unlike anything in the checklist. The interviewing process will not go as planned. It either can be a cheerful one or a sad one for you. Although you are happy or sad, you should have the strength to show your strength. If you are not leaving as a happy person, that will be a great way to show your mental strength and if you are leaving as a happy person, that will be a sign to show your gratitude.

Keeping The Follow Up

Keeping the trace about the interview is also a part of the Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements. After taking part in the interview, you should have a plan to keep the track of the interview’s progress. Even if they assure that the job has been granted for you, you will have to follow up that. The best way is to get to know couple of friends from the interview. Sharing the details with them will keep you updated as a sure thing.  If the interviewing board is not interested in revealing your job gaining ability, you will have to ask for that as you have a right to do that.


This article has explained 07 Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements. Although you are a boy or a girl who is looking for a job opportunity, you will have to follow these checklist elements. There is a mystery stating that the job is assured soon after the interview is concluded if the vacancy is in the Government sector. It is indeed a mystery. If you don’t face the interview well, you will not be able to claim that job for sure. If you have more questions regarding the Sri Lankan interview preparation checklist elements, the following FAQ will help you.


  • How do I know the questions that will be asked by the interview board?
  • You will be asked about the company or the department background as a confirmed thing. When it comes to your qualifications, the interviewing board will include some questions about them too.
  • If I am taking pat for a government interview, where will it be held?
  • Except the Department of Agriculture and the Animal health and livestock development headquarters, all the government headquarters are located in Colombo. It means, you will have to travel to Colombo from your place for the interview.
  • Will I be selected for the job I face the interview?
  • According to specialists, there is a 36% of chance to be qualified for the job through the interview. It means, if you face the interview well, you will have 34% to get that job.
  • What will happen if I forget the certificates for the interview?
  • Since the interview board already has the copies of your original certificates that will not be a major problem. You can request the interview board for a relief in these cases. More importantly, you will be able to forward them in a future day if it is a government institute.
  • What will happen if I get late to the interview?

You will have two outcomes according to the type of the organization. If it is a private organization, you will lose lots of marks which means, there is a higher probability to lose the job. When it comes to a government job interview, they will con

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