10 Faqs About Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy

  • What are the basic requirements to apply for a Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy?
  • You should be a Sri Lankan citizen and free from a penalty that has been given by any court after being found guilty. Education qualifications and the experience are the next two basic things which are declared by each institute belongs to the government.
  • What is the minimum qualification to be applied for a Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy?
  • There is not a minimum qualification level when applying for a government job vacancy. If you are looking for a government job, you should have passed GCE O/L and A/L along with the recommended qualifications to apply. Other than that, Bachelor degree and the HNDs are considered when recruiting officers.
  • How do I know if I was chosen for the Sri Lankan Government Job?
  • Most of the times, you will be informed at the interview. The official method is to inform by sending a letter. If you don’t get a letter either, you will be able to call to the relevant department and inquire. If the vacancy filling is conducted in a rush, you will be informed by a telephone call as well.
  • How can I know about the Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy?
  • The best and the most effective way is to refer to the Government Gazette which publishes the Government vacancies. Through our website, you are free to get the gazette, latest Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancies, and the forms to be filled when applying. All you have to do is to visit our website daily.
  • When does the Sri Lankan Government publish the gazette?
  • Sri Lankan government gazette is available every weekday. When it comes to the vacancies published by the Government, you will find more vacancies on Friday gazette. However, there can be emergency vacancies published on weekdays that have been published by the government.
  • What is the newspaper that I can refer to the Sri Lankan gazette?
  • Dinamina newspaper will print and distribute the government gazette. You will find all the Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy as well as the essential thing to know about the Sri Lankan government in there. When there are more vacancies that are vital to be filled so soon, the paper ads on other newspapers are published by the government.
  • Are there Semi-Government job vacancies in the Sri Lankan Gazette?
  • No you don’t get to see Sri Lankan Semi-Government Job Vacancies through the gazette. Since the Sri Lankan Semi government institutes are not counted as departments, you will have to see other newspapers or digital media to see the vacancies as the advertisements.
  • Can I see Sri Lankan Government bank Job Vacancy in the gazette?
  • No. You have to refer the official website of the relevant bank or the paper medias to get the application to see the government Sri Lankan Government bank Job Vacancies. Since the banks and the financial institutes don’t belong to any department, you can see the vacancy publishes in the gazette.
  • What are the best paid jobs in Sri Lanka?
  • When considering the salary as the main criteria, Sri Lankan bank jobs, Sri Lanka Port Authority jobs, Sr Lankan Airline Jobs, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Jobs, and the Sri Lankan Customs have the best salary scales when compared to other jobs. However, the salary and the post retirement payment options are limited for those jobs as well.
  • Why should I choose a government job in Sri Lanka?
  • The most common explanation to apply for a Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancy is its stability. Although most of the stable companies and the organizations are there in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan government is the stable organization in the country. It means salary deductions don’t happen in Government jobs. Other than that, the post retirement payment or the pension is entitled for every government employee.

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