Benefits Of Having A Government Bank Job In Sri Lanka

If you are a job seeker in Sri Lanka, Bank sector is a crucial one. This article will explain about the Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka.

One of the dreams a youngster has regarding his future is to have a job. When finding a job, most of the youngsters have set their targets towards a bank job. Is it easy to get a bank job? What are qualifications that I should hold to apply for a bank job? Are bank jobs having good salaries? What are the better bank jobs among the private sector and the government sector? And lots of questions are available for a job seeker in Sri Lanka. This article will explain about the Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka. 

Reputation Is The Number One Priority

Although lots of reasons and factors are there to consider a bank job, the reputation is the best one to mind as a benefit. Sri Lankan social setting has specified lots of premium jobs such as doctors, lawyers and engineers. When it comes to the bank jobs, they consider them as another premium setting. Although there is not a specific reason, even the well-learnt people consider the bankers as the reputed professionals. Bank of Ceylon, Peoples Bank, and the National Savings Bank are the government banks that have the highest reputation in Government sector.

Job Security

Job security is also one of the Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka when considering the recent history. Among the jobs in Sri Lanka, banking jobs are considered as the jobs with the highest security. Although government jobs are minded as the jobs with a higher security, the salary payments and some deductions have made those jobs unstable in the recent time. For example, some strikes could be observed in the government sector in the recent times. When it comes to the bank jobs, the strikes have not been conducted more than couple of times since the independence. Bankers are a group of people who spend a decent career along with an increased job security.

Special Loans

The loan system of the bank is among the Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka. Usually a bank officer gets two type of loans, one for the house building and one for the vehicles. When checking at the last time, a government bank officer could have claimed up to 10 million as the house loan for the interest of 2%. Also, eth payment could be extended up to 20 years which makes the monthly installment is a minimum one.

Special Leaves And Transfers

Although what you see are the bank workers who work extra hours in the banks, they are entitled for amazing leaves. They get the privilege to get 14 days back to back after a certain period which is not available for any government employee. Another thong to remember of the bank employees is the transfer set up. Usually, they are not set up in a long distant working place as per the regulations. Although they get transfers once in 05 years, the working place is set up near the home of the bank workers. 

Higher Salary Scales

Sri Lankan Government Bank salary scale is on f the highest salary scales in the country. The government banking stream has the salary scales that even the Government Executive levels can’t reach. Another thing to remember about the Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka is that the lowest rankers in the Sri Lankan banking system gets a higher salary. For example, the salary a bank security gets is higher than the salary earned by a government teacher earns. When it comes to the bonuses, Sri Lankan Government banks get two bonuses which are called as percentage from the yearly earning of the bank.

Pension And The Gratuity

Sri Lankan banking system is the only system that grants the gravity fund along with the pension to its retired employees. Although the Gravity or the ETP is granted in the semi government sector and the pension is entitled for the government sector, Sri Lankan government employees get both of them. Since the funds that have been raised by the unions, lots of benefits have been enabled.

Medical Expense Bearing

One of the most embracing Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka is its insurance policy. Although a government employee or a private sector employee has to pay for the insurances, bank workers don’t have to pay. But, they get the benefits from the Bank operated insurance policies up to millions. Surgeries, deliveries, medical expenses, and various insurance policies have been introduced for the Government bank employees. The most important thing is its availability even for the retired bank workers.


This article has explained 07 Benefits of having a Government bank Job in Sri Lanka. If you are doubtful on choosing a bank job as your career, you must chose it as it is one of the best jobs you can choose. When coming to the minimum educational qualifications required by the job, it will be the best job you can choose for you. Although you don’t have the understanding about eth jobs, you may refer the degree holders and other professionals who are coming into the bank field. They get attracted to the bank stream as they know how crucial it is yo have a bank job at present.


  • What is the minimum qualification requirement to apply for a Sri Lankan Government bank job?
  • You should possess three Advanced Level passes along with Credit passes for English, Mathematics, Language, and Sinhala and more two subjects at GCE Ordinary Level.
  • Is the NSB or National Savings Bank one of the Government banks?
  • Yes. NSB, BOC, and People’s bank are government banks.
  • How Can I download Sri Lankan bank Exam Past Papers?
  • You may simply follow this link to download past papers of Sri Lankan Government Bank Exams.
  • Should I have obtained CIMA or other certificates when applying for the Sri Lankan Bank Jobs?
  • Of course you should not. Although CIMA and similar courses are important for getting promoted, you should not have them for applying for the jobs.

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