Government Sector Job Vs Private Sector Job In Sri Lanka

You have two options when going after a job in Sri Lanka. This article will explain Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka.

As a student who has completed the education, you might have been looking for a job opportunity. When coming to the country you live, Sri Lanka is a country where two types of jobs are employed. The most preferred and the typical job type is a government job opportunity. Students expect to join the government after completing the government due to the stability as well as more reasons of their own.

When it comes to the private sector, there is a lack of opportunity as well as the wills of the job seekers. Is it really good join the government sector? Why is the private sector under concern when looking for a job? Is it relay bad to join the private sector? Is it really low salary in the government sector? Like questions might be in your mind. This article will give an explanation about the Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka.


The salary is the main concern of a person who is willing to join a job in any part of the world. Most of the countries have got similar salary scales in the Private sector and government sector. When it comes to Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka, the private jobs have got higher salary scales than the government sector.

One of the reasons to happen this is the number of working hours. Since the employees in the private sector have the freedom and the ability to work overtime, they have got higher salary scales. Another thing to remember about the salary is that the government sector jobs have higher salary scales for higher ranks.

The Job Security

The job security is a concern at present unlike any day in the history. Every job in the government sector has the highest security. After setting up the job or filling a vacancy, the firing the employee is an impossible thing without an offense. Even the firing of an employee in the private sector has to be done after a long chain of procedures. When coming to the private sector, they have less job security than the Government jobs. Although there are reputed and well secured and established company’s in Sri Lanka, the number is a low one.

The Professionalism

The professionalism has been defined wrong in Sri Lanka when comparing Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka. The professionalism is the increase of skill and experience in a job the more he spends time in the profession. Although private jobs bring lots of experience to the employees, government jobs don’t. The main reason is the undefined hierarchy and the reduced work efficiency in the government sector.  The employees who are employed in the private sector are not only skilled but capable of getting promotions in the same organization or getting into a foreign country.

The Reputation

When considering the reputation under Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Government sector has the highest reputation. The job reputation is a thing that can be important fin most of the [places. For example, in a government hospital, when taking the admission to a child or nay occasion, the reputation is necessary. More importantly, matrimonial are considering the government jobs as a reputed job at present.

Since the government sector has the highest authority over the employment in Sri Lanka, a government employee gets a higher reputation for his job. That can be considered as a mutual; courtesy over the profession as well. Although increased salary scales, improved professionalism, and more things are available for the private sector employees, the reputation is on the hand of government employees.

The Corruption

The coronation is an inter-related thing for government sector when comparing the Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka. Since the most of the government institutes are based on facilitating services and not bringing an income, the public have to get there occasionally. Therefore, the bribe and the consolation gifts have to be given to the government employees.

Although a minority of government employees are not interested in these things, the majority is with these corrupted activities. However, Government Hospitals, Agriculture Sector, and the Armed forces don’t have such corruption complaints as a regular thing. When it comes to private companies, they are likely to be closed institutes. Since they are focused on selling and bringing an income to the organization or the country, corruption is not allowed.

Special benefits

After considering the benefits belong to an employee under Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka, it can be assumed that both chances are similar. Although opportunities and the benefits are similar, they are not same. For example, a government employ gets the ability to be entitled for a pension, a post-retirement payment. Although a private sector employ doesn’t get a pension, he gets a final payment known as W & OP which is also a higher amount of money. When it comes to the trainings in foreign countries, both sectors have equal opportunities.

The medical expense and charges bearing is also entitled for both types of employees. Government has an insurance policy known as “Agrahara,” and the private sector employees have their own specific plans. The most important thing is the monthly fee. A government employee only has to pay a maximum 600lkr fee for the Agrahara insurance plan. Usually, a private sector has to pay about 2000lkr to get same benefits.


This article on Government sector job vs private sector job in Sri Lanka, has brought a comparison between the professional background in both private and government sector employees. This is a common comparison and not intending to hurt anyone who is employed in either the private or  the government sector.

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