How To Know About A Job Vacancy In Sri Lanka

Finding a new job vacancy is a hard thing for sure. This article will explain 07 ways on how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka.

One of the most common ways to lose a job is never knowing about the published job vacancy.  If you are interested and willing to dedicate your time for the vacancy, there will be nothing to stop you. As a Sri Lankan citizen, you must have determined of typical ways such as paper ad or the gazette. But you have to remember that there are more ways to know about the published job vacancies.   This article will explain how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka after published by the relevant institute.

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Government Gazette

The government gazette published by the newspapers is the best ways to know about the new vacancies the government has. You should know that his is applicable only for the government jobs only. There are more than hundred ministries and departments related to government in Sri Lanka. They take the necessary stats related to the job vacancies and make aware of the Sri Lankan citizens to be applied in the end.

You may apply for the vacancies by the government official newspaper “Dinamina” or the internet to get the updates. Although people think that the Friday is the relevant day to see the job vacancies it is not. Government publishes the vacancies on the other Gazette that get published in days addition to Friday.

Social Media

Unlike in the past, most of the companies and private sector organizations have moved into the social media to share and get feedback from the fans. Not only the private sector, but the government sector departments, semi-government authorities, and Semi-government boards have moved into the social media. Twitter and facebook are the best ways to reach to the company.

When there is an ongoing vacancy, you will get to see them from the regular posts. All you have to do is to follow those groups.  Since they have appointed a special person or a group to deal with the fans, you are free to know information about the ongoing vacancies. Since they are responsible for making the connections and relationships with the public, you will get to know about the vacancies along with a small chat.

Social media Groups

Facebook groups are places where a similar type of people have gathered for a common reason. Although you don’t know how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka, your friends, colleagues, classmates, and similar favored categories might have joined around social media groups and pages. After starting to follow, you will get to know about the ongoing vacancies as a sure thing.


It is typical not knowing how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka, as a regular person. As a person belongs to the younger generation, you must have been aware of the hashtags. After conducting few searches on Social Media, you will be able to get to know about the vacancies published by the organizations. The most important thing is to follow few social media to get updates. Although Facebook is the most commonly used social media, tweeter, Instagram are crucial.


Websites are crucial to find a job in Sri Lanka. There are few ways to use this method when finding a job a swell. If you don’t  how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka, following things will help you.

Follow the Company website for the vital information

You will be able to find the ongoing vacancies of the company by visiting the relevant company’s official website. Under the “My Career”, you will find the relevant vacancies of the company. When it comes to a moment you don’t have to find a vacancy, you will be able to hand over or fill a form to apply for a job. Soon after a vacancy is arisen, they will consider your application. Since it is a great way to show your interest, that way will be more suitable.

Following a website that lets you know about the vacancies

You are free to follow a website that delivers the ongoing vacancies in Sri Lanka. They do a great job in giving the information about the vacancies. You have to be specific about the time duration they take to update the vacancies in Sri Lanka as well. For example, if you choose our website, you will be getting updates daily along with the forms for free.

Keep A Classmate who has the same qualifications like yours

One of the most effective ways to keep updated about the job vacancies is to stay tuned with a classmate. More specifically, your friend should have followed you into the highest education qualification you have got. For example, if you both are bachelor’s of HND holders, your form should have the same qualification. When there is a vacancy that you don’t know, he should let you know that.  When it comes to a moment he doesn’t know about the vacancies, you have to tell him/her too.

Visit Couple Of Companies And Submit Your CV To Them

You must have developed a set of skills that are unique to a specific major. That makes you a unique person, and you are free to demand a job from a relevant company or an organization. If you don’t how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka, this will work effectively. What you should do is to pay visit to few organizations and hand over your CV to them. If you can meet the HR head or the relevant officials, that will surely bring a good impression to you.


This content has described how to know about a job vacancy in Sri Lanka. Although you have got educated in a foreign country or out of the Sri Lankan Government’s free education system, you will have to follow these things when finding a job. We hope you will find the most effective method and reach to your destined job of yours.  If you are a person who uses the internet along with your phone or the computer, our website, and the Facebook page will help to you. It means, you don’t have to look for a vacancy as we bring it to you for free indeed.

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