The interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka

The beginning of the interview is a vital step to mind. This article will explain The interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka.

Most of the people think if the Government has called you for an interview, the job will be yours. That is a wrong thought for sure. Although government has called you for it, they will assess you and measure your capabilities to make sure that you are eligible for the exiting number of vacancies.

You must have stepped into the interview room along with lots of hopes about your life, career, and the future. Indeed a job is what makes you a complete person. The beginning of the commencement of the interview is an essential thing for you when getting the job.  As it decided how the interview is going to happen forward and how you have to answer it, the beginning questions are crucial. Here are the most common interview questions in a Government Job interview you have to answer.

Tell Me About Yourself

This is one of the most common interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka. You should start your answer gradually from the beginning of your educational and skill collecting. After that, you have to end your answer in a pint where you are comfortable. 

For example, where you went for the education, how did you get to the higher educational studies, and the more education qualifications that you have collected? You should end your answer, where you ended being an intern or a place where you enjoyed the most as the next question is coming to words that.  If the interview board or panel is interested in your family matters, they will ask for it. Unless, you should not do that.

Do you know Mr. John Doe?

A surprising question is something that an applicant has to face for sure. Sometimes the panel may start with a confusing question like “ Do you know ….?”. Although you have not heard of him at first glance, you need to respect for the question. The best way is to say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that..” or any answer similar to that.

Then after the panel will respond you with a small tip or repeat the question. You can simply state that you are unaware of that. The most important thing is not to stay quiet as that must be the same thing that they want you to do.

Where have you worked before?

Asking about your earlier experience is one of the most crucial interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka. You have to be ready with a strong answer for this too. When answering to this question, you should remember to point the idea to a specific scope. It means that you should not point at the whole company but the limited area you worked. For example, your answer should be like, “I worked as an Assistant Director in the survey department of department of Irrigations”. Then after the panel will continue the interviewing smoothly. If you answer like, “I worked in the department of Irrigation”, they will have tons of questions you might have not even heard of.

Where have you worked and why did you resign from them?

This question is one of the interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka. Although you have your own reasons to leave the previous companies such as pension9 claiming, stability, ease of work, and transport like common reasons, you should not reveal them. The best answer is, “I thought of making a new career along with the Government. The best way is to provide a service to the country instead of selling products and services”. If you avoid that answer, there will be lots of questions on the way for sure.

What is your greatest Strength?

As the second most asked question in an interview, you have to be ready to explain why the company needs to hire you. Most of the times, the applicants think that the company or the organization is asking about your qualifications. But, what it means about your philosophy.

You should have a specific and a unique reason to state. For example, “I am intending to go along with this company as it is one of the reputed companies in the country and I want to take the best and get the best from this company”. When it comes to hundreds of applicants, they can have their own statements. The most important thing is not to mention about the education or the experience of yours as the interview panel knows that.

Where do you live?

Although this question is not a common one, the access to the interviewing process can be made through this one. You should reveal the truth for sure. But, you should remember that the interviewing panel will make it to the next stage along with your answer. Therefore, you should be ready with the already existing links in your area to the Institute that you have applied for the job. For example, if you state your area as Matale, the panel will ask of the regional offices in your area. You should make the necessary connection along with the next answers.


This article has explained few interview starting questions in a Government Job interview in Sri Lanka. Although it is a government job or a private sector job that you are looking for, these questions related guide will help you.

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