Things To Know About Sri Lankan Government Job Exams

If you are a government job seeker, you will have to know lots of things. This article will tell 08 Things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job exams.

The path to obtain a government job is not an easy one. You will have to prepare, implement, and execute things really well to get there.  Although you have faced lots of exams, passed original exams, the government exams are quite different from them. The exam you have to go through is a vital thing that you should be prepared. This article will explain 07 Things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job Exams.

You must deposit the Relevant Exam fee

Every person who writes the government exams must pay the exam fee. The fee may range from hindered to couple of hundred rupees. Along with the assets, you will le babel to see them in detail. Usually, the exam fee must be deposited to the Director-General of Department of Exams. Also, there are some other cases that you have to submit the exam fee for the Director Generals of The Separate Departments. For example, if you are about to write an exam in the Department of Irrigation, you will have to deposit the exam fee for the Director-General of Irrigation Department. 

The Payment Must Be Made to the Post Office

One of the important things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job Exams is to attach the payment details on the application you are going to send. Even if you make the payment, the Exam department will not know that you have made the payment without pasting the invoice on the specific place. Since there are some occasions that you don’t get the admission due to failures in the postal services, you should keep a copy of it. The best way to do is to take a photograph using your smart phone.

You Must Find Past papers

Past papers are vital for any kind of exam. Indeed, they are what that can make you ready for the exam. according to the government constitutions, there has to be model papers for exams if they are held for the first time. Also, the field where the questions come should be published along with the Government Gazette.

If you are going to sit for the exam, you will have lots of things take in to your consideration as resources. Past papers from the internet, model papers, as well as the subject matters will be there that you should know of. You will be able to find those model papers in some publications internet, and in the possession of the students.

Stay Tuned For the Notification on the Exam

This is among the Things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job Exams as well. How Government sends the notification about eth exams is through the mail. You have to be ready for the exam and keep waiting for the mails. The most important thing is to keep the track of the date published by the government. On the gazette the exam got published, you will find the details. Also, it is important that you stay connected with other applicants who have applied for the job. If you are the only person without an admission for the exam, you will have to contact the relevant authority who holds the exam.

You Should Not Cheat When Applying For The Exam Or Writing The Exam

Cheating is considered as a punishable offense for applicants. Also, there have been incidents that got some applicants suspended from applying for the jobs as well as writing the exams held by the department of exams. 

As the first thing, you should not modify your exam results. Although you are free to apply for the exam without proper qualification, you must not forward changed certificates. If you are tuned to be guilty, that will be the beginning of a chaos. The writing the exam is another thing you should do honestly. If the hall inspectors find you guilty for cheating on the exam, you will not only get to write the exam but wont be able to apply for the jobs.

Make Your Own Research And Collect Knowledge As Much As You Can

Along with the Things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job Exams, the nature of the exam is a necessity. You will have to write two types of papers in the exams. The subject matter paper and the paper that measures your IQ knowledge. Although you can find past papers for being familiar with the subject matters, IQ problem solving has to be a thing you have to be familiar along with the experience. The best way to do is to follow some books such as WOT Fernando IQ knowledge books.


This article has explained 07 Things to know about Sri Lankan Government Job Exams. They will help you to face the exam with confidence and take you where you need to be. The secret is to get ready as much as you can and be collect knowledge for writing the exam. Also, you will not be done even after writing the exam as you have to be prepared for the interview as the next step.

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