Things You Should Not Do In A Sri Lankan Government Job Interview

A job interview is filled with things to do and never need to do. This article will explain 10 things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview.

One of the greatest setbacks of the education is the measuring of your knowledge within a less than few hours. You will have to memorize as well as write down them in an impressive way to show how much you remember. When it comes to the Sri Lankan education system, it is almost a matter of the memorizing ability of yours when being qualified for a job. After finding 13 years in high school and then in a university, you have to memorize all of them within a limited time  in a competitive exam.

When there are more applicants qualified through the exams, the interviews will be crucial to go through again. The future of yours is what you meet as the interview in a limited number of times in your life. Therefore, meeting up with the best of you unlike any day is a must have thing for you. Thing you should do, things you should not do are essential to be remembered for you as a Sri Lankan citizen. This article will explain 10 things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview.

Forgetting The Original Educational Certificates at home

Leaving the original copies of the educational certificates at your home is one of the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. As an applicant, you must know that one of the key purposes of a government job interview in Sri Lanka is to compare your educational qualifications. Since they already have the copies of your educational certificates, they will check the accuracy of your certificates.

If you forget your original copies that will be a thing that you cannot recorrect. The Government has the full right to put you away as disqualified due to a such incident. Since you are in the 21st century, you will be able to forward couple of photos to your phone and show them to the interviewing board until you provide the original copies.

Never Be Arrogant

Although you have to raise and showcase your personality in the interview, being arrogant is not one of the things you should do. Although most of the people think of the interview to be the best way to show your arrogance, others won’t take it as a sure thing. Literally, you have got the job by more than 95%, if you have been called for the interview for a government. Department’s Director-General, Secretary, or similar VIPs will be present there as a sure thing. What they are supposed to be doing in teher is to provide your appointment and allocate a better appointment workplace which is comfortable for you. If you become arrogant, simply, they will not consider your circumstances.

Don’t Apologize Too Much

One of the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview is to apologize too much. However, this doesn’t mean that you can commit mistakes and avoid the pardoning but t prevent your mistakes and saving your pardons to yourself. For example, if you don’t know anything about the question your interviewer asked, you will have to say that you don’t know. If you state, that you are sorry, that is not going to be standing in favor for you. Sri Lankan government job interviews are focusing to give appointment rather than measuring the knowledge. It means, you have already got the job. What you are ability to do is to make a scene by saying too much pardons.

Sticking To The Dressocde

One of the essential things to consider before appearing in Sri Lankan government job interview is the dress code. Although you are free to wear numerous dress codes, you must follow a specific dress code for both males and females. The male dress code comes along with the white shirt with unfolded sleeves and the black pants.

Wearing the tie comes along with the maximum qualification that you have got. If it is either Advanced Level or the bachelor level, you will have to wear a tie. When coming to the ladies’ dress code, they must wear white saree. The most important thing about the white saree is lack of designs. Although you don’t lose the jobs, you will face plenty of blames due to a mismatched dress code.

Never Blame To your Ex Employers

If you are looking for a government job, you must have tired of the private sector as a sure thing. Never blaming your previous employer is one of the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. Sri Lanka is a small country.  Your previous employee might be a friend of the people who you are going to be interviewed.

Since there are specific majors in Sri lanka for occupying, the probability to have interrelationships among the employers can be higher than you think. For example, if you are about to go for an interview in the Department of Agriculture, the Director-General of Agriculture might have friends in the Private agricultural companies. The image about you will renin a stable one for a long time as you are going to be employed in that organization.

Forgetting to Ask Questions

This is also one of the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. Although it is an interview, it doesn’t mean that you should keep quiet and listen to the interviewing board. They will remember of you as a person with a better personality and give you some credit for that. As a sure thing, what you ask as questions should deliver a value as well as a specific meaning to the audience.

Forgetting to Listen

You might have grown specific characteristics of your own. The most important thing about the interviews is to adapt to the situation. Even if you don’t know the word “Adapt”, you will have to do that. When coming to the adaptations, not listening to the interviewers is one of the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. Although they asked you a question, you will have to wait until they stop talking.

Not Having The Basic Knowledge About The Working Place

As a government officer, you should be able to work anywhere in the country and that is one of the oaths you have to give when being appointed. Therefore, you cannot have the judgment about the working place’s basic knowledge. But, as a sure thing, you should be having the basic knowledge about the government’s department. For example, the date is was established, current Director General, relevant state and cabinet minister are the things you should know.

Never Avoid Eye contact

As a Sri Lankan citizen, you must have heard about the value of the eye contact. It helps to judge people pretty easily. If you look below or avoid the eye contact, they will think that you have done something guilty. As your interviewers have not only heard of the eye contact but experienced the value of eye contact, they will try it for you as well.  What happen in the end is to forward you questions more than other were forwarded by the interviewing board.

Even if you are not used to do with the eye contact, you will have to follow specific procedure when getting used to it. For example, looking at your eyes through the mirror is one of the best ways to do that. If it is something that you cannot practice due to a disorder or something, you will not have to state that as the Government Jobs are not granted for those who are suffering from mental disorders. Literally, you should not be requesting for that job either which means, you have to practice maintaining the eye contact.

Avoiding The Simple Psychology

Forgetting the psychology is among the things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. Although you might not have recognized, more than 95% of the government executive level employers are holding either psychology or counseling level certificates. It means that you have to know about the psychology related to the job interviewing. For example, if you cross your chest with your arms, they will know that you are not feeling about something.

What they do is to throw you more questions. Along with the questioning process, you will be thrown out to nowhere. According to a research conducted by the University of Chicago, 33% of the interviews are choosing the chest crossing theory to dump the applicants. Although the interviewers are not favoring the psychology, that will add lots of things into your life.


This article has brought 10 things you should not do in a Sri Lankan Government Job interview. Although you already might have made up your mind that you have got the job, your small mistakes will ruin that thought as a sure thing. Therefore, it will be better if these things are in the touch before taking part in a government job interview.

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