How To Face An Interview For The First Time In Sri Lanka (Private And Governmental Jobs)

A Sri Lankan job interview is a quite different one from the world due to many reasons. This is how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka.

You must be feeling the heat already in a hard time along with financial difficulties. A job in need is always a job indeed in a time like this. Indeed, a job is a necessity for a person who lives in any time. But, what you should not forget is that a job’s purpose is not just to fulfill your financial or other necessities. You have to identify the needs that belongs to the particular job and get ready on your own. When it comes to one of the essential segments of job gaining, The Interview is crucial. This article will describe you how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Be prepared With the Qualifications You Have

If you are a Sri Lankan, you must know that there are two types of jobs in Sri Lanka, private-sector jobs and the Government sector jobs. More importantly, you have to remember that the Semi-Government jobs have every benefit a government job except the pension. All these types of jobs require particular sets of qualifications as well. 

You have to keep the original copies of the certificates that include Sport certificates, educational certificates as well as the certificates that have confirmed your identity.  You will have to keep the copies of the certificates in case of a notification that has been given by the interviewer.

Be prepared for the specific Questions

Even if you are applying for a government or a private job, you are going to be chosen for a specific reason. For example, if you are applying for a job in Agriculture sector, you will have to possess a specific set of skills and knowledge. As a person in the agriculture sector, you have to cove a vast range as a sure thing.  As you might know, you have to express your experience, which is used by the interviewer when asking questions from you. You have to be wise and deliver the specific field where you are clever at that moment. It doesn’t have to be either the field you have experienced or not.

Simply, you will have to lie even if you have to.  If you how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka, this will have to be the first thing.

Run A background Research About the institute

No matter you are either about t get interviewed by a Government or a private institute, you must run a background analysis about that. Fri example, the year the institute started, the current CEO or the Director General, the hierarchy, or the necessary details should be in your possession when you are interviewed. This is more effective for a private company or an organization as well.

There is a myth that the Government institutes are just checking the qualifications, but it is not. You have to be aware of this thing too. Since there can be a limited appointments to be granted, the relevant institute must be considerib8g the basic knowledge as a criteria as well.  You may simply use the internet the day before night you are going to face the internet.

Don’t Skip or leave the questions asked by the interviewing panel

You should remember that you have to answer each and every question asked by the interview panel or the interview board. Although you don’t think of this much, they give marks to the answers you give to them. What you should remember is that, although you give the answer as “I don’t know the answer” for a question, they will at least give half of the total marks.

Without knowing how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka, most of the applicants do this mistake.  There are some moment that you have to answer a couple of questions at once. In such moment, you have to ask them to repeat the questions. Indeed, that is a right you have.

Keep A Friend to get The Updates

Most of the applicants consider the others as the rivals or the enemies, which should not happen at all. More importantly, they are just like you, trying to get a job and get settled in your life. Although most of the applicants are going to be met at the interview for the first time literally, Sri Lanka is a small country which you should remember.

It means that at least one of your friend must be applying for the same job and facing the interview. You should keep communication with them and build a job-type relationship with him. Along with that relationship, you will be babel to get lots of information from him. Not only the interview but the appointments of the steps beyond the interview. These small things should be in your hold as a person who wants to know how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Learn to control Your Emotions

Emotions or the body language of yours state lots of things about you. There are some questions just thrown out to you in an instant that can make you embarrassed or uncomfortable. What they expect from those questions is to measure your steadiness against a tensed situation.  Although the interviewer is not a person who graduated about the body language or the psychology, he can be a person who has worked as a CEO or a managing director in a private firm. When it comes to the Government sector, the Department’s Director-General is going to be present for the interviews as a chair person.

You have to be steady and control your emotions. The most important thing is not to get tensed or do lie most of the girls do, cry or sob.

Don’t Reveal Your Personal Matters

Most of the young generation in Sri Lanka doesn’t have experience in the society. When compared to the younger ones in Western countries, that can be considered as a setback as well. As a person who doesn’t know how to face an interview for the first time in Sri Lanka, you have to mind some social experience as well.  You don’t have to misunderstand that the interviewer is concerned of your family matters or deliver you their sympathy. If you reveal how hard you live is, they wil

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